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Memar Properties, Inc. is a real estate development partnership focusing exclusively on development projects in Berkeley, California. Memar was founded in 2005, bringing 25 years of experience in development in the city of Berkeley. Prior to founding Memar, Mr. Kashani had a direct role in over 20 development projects in Berkeley.

Mr. Kashani’s depth of experience as a leader in the private and non-profit sectors brings a unique set of skills, resources, relationships and values that are well-matched with Berkeley and the challenging development environment it presents.

Memar was formed to create high-quality development in Berkeley that meets housing, economic and sustainable development needs that reflect Berkeley as the home of a world-class university in the center of the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the most desirable places to live in the United States. Memar seeks to optimize economic as well as community benefits in all of its projects.

Berkeley has many great qualities as a city including its architectural heritage, unique neighborhoods and social diversity. Mr. Kashani places a high importance on high-quality architecture that will positively impact streets and neighborhoods while providing housing opportunity to all segments of the population.

Mr. Kashani has been a resident of Berkeley since 1979 and is an active member in the community. He is a part of the local planning and development community, business and financial community and non-profit organizations and local institutions.

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